“I look forward to see women in a true Goya suit” - stine goya

StineGoya Webshop @ 2022-02-03 21:45:49 +0100

“I really enjoyed creating this new collection, adding suiting to the brand universe is something I’ve been dreaming for a while. Working with more tailored styles, new materials and developing our own fabrics made the creative process super interesting.”
Stine Goya

Together with the 10 year anniversary collection, we launch our first suiting collection. Carrying the our signature design esthetic; playful, bold and colourful, we introduce our take on suiting.
Embracing a more daring approach where new fabrics push the collection forward. All fabrics are developed in Italy, famed for its long-standing tradition of producing luxurious fabrics.
Colours and prints take center stage, from luminous yellow, to fuchsia pink brought to life with notable details, geometric prints and a carnation print. The Suiting Collection presents the feminine silhouette with a more tailored and sharp fit.

The rest of The Suiting Collection will be in stores from February!