sustainability & csr policy

Mads Føhns @ 2022-02-03 21:45:54 +0100

The process of launching our AW19 Sustainable Capsule - has been a catalyst of change for Stine Goya. 
This collection is our expression of a statement of intent, and the first step in a concerted effort to integrate sustainable practices in every aspect of our business - not only in regards to materials and production, but also our day-to-day operational mindset and business structure.

We are honest in saying that from the earliest discussions to now, we have been on a very humbling and educational journey to understand our shortcomings as a brand, to initiate immediate change and to set long term goals. 

The impetus to mitigate our environmental impact and initiate positive social change grows in importance every day. This coming year will be about change, and we are committed to taking one step at a time. 

Read more about our sustainability policy here