house of goya #backstage

StineGoya Webshop @ 2022-02-03 21:45:46 +0100

For the Spring Summer 2020 show, we partnered with members of local and international Ballroom & Kiki houses, to insure our narrative recognises our inspirational source, acknowledges the power of their expression and supports the community in both their struggles and their celebrations. In line with our brand’s focus on championing a diverse and representational runway, we also partnered with international social networking app BUMBLE, casting a number of models directly from their app, to reiterate our mission to challenge the status quo of the industry and open the fashion experience to new faces & experiences.

'I have always intended my designs be tools for individuals to lead their best lives, express their true nature and celebrate their unique personality. I hope House of Goya comes to represent the bold & inclusive community feeling I recognise in my customers.'

- Stine Goya, Creative Director & Founder