Stine Goya Idunn Bag Accessories 3011 Teatime floral

Idunn Bag - Teatime floral

Idunn Bag in Teatime Floral. Durable Nylon shoulder bag with bright floral pattern and STINE GOYA logo patch. Recycled Polyester blend.

Recycled Polyester is a green alternative to virgin Polyester, made from recycled plastics.
Making garments from Recycled Polyester requires less energy, prevents plastic bottles from becoming landfill and produces less pollution.

60% Polyester/40% Recycled Polyester
Machine wash

One size

For the Pre-Fall 2022 collection, Stine Goya offers a celebration of authenticity and unapologetic self-expression. Inspired by American artist Kerry James Marshall, YOUR FREEDOM – MY LOVE is enriched with modern adaptations of timeless shapes and styles through bold patterns, bright colours, and a fierce sense of individuality.

Stine Goya Idunn Bag Accessories 3011 Teatime floral
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