Stine Goya Rita Tote Bag Accessories 3022 Candy stripe

Rita Tote Bag - Candy stripe

Rita Tote Bag in Candy Stripe. Everyday tote bag with STINE GOYA logo, colourful striped pattern and comfortable straps. 100% Organic Cotton.

Organic Cotton is a green alternative to regular Cotton. It is a natural and renewable fibre, produced using natural processes instead of toxic chemicals. This process requires significantly less water and energy in production, protects the health of ecosystems and improves conditions for Cotton producers around the world.

100% Organic Cotton

The bag measures 45 cm x 39 cm
Each handle is 55 cm long

For the Pre-Fall 2022 collection, Stine Goya offers a celebration of authenticity and unapologetic self-expression. Inspired by American artist Kerry James Marshall, YOUR FREEDOM – MY LOVE is enriched with modern adaptations of timeless shapes and styles through bold patterns, bright colours, and a fierce sense of individuality.

Stine Goya Rita Tote Bag Accessories 3022 Candy stripe
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